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Exclusive silver articles

The business of the jewelry firm Orwin is a manufacturing of unique silver articles for the living rooms, offices and other interiors.

Our products are highly appreciated by the international customers. Many of them buy the articles to replenish their family collections. For example, Mr. Jack Belz, owner of Belz Enterprises, purchased several our articles, some of them are exhibited in Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art in its “Judaic Arts” department.

We make our articles fully by hands of silver 925 and use the decorations of gold, gold plating, precious and other natural stones.

The professionalism of our craftsmen is proven by the quality and accuracy of work.

Many of our articles are made as a single product, being a nice gift and true masterpiece for collection.

Manufacturing the silver articles we work in various art trends, using the individual technologies. That is why the silver articles of our firm always differ both by their style and contents.

Decorative nature, preciseness of work performance and special style differentiate our articles from the variety of elite gifts, offered at the jewelries market.

We invite you to have a look at some of our products in our catalogue. You will see the luxurious silver gifts, silver articles for interior design and religious articles. All items in catalogue are handmade silver products.

We represent the finely made cups, decorated by the precious stones and gold plating. Luxurious sconce is the original decoration for interior design. Cups with the gold plating and precious stones fit perfectly well for the festive table. The silver articles of religious purpose are customized with consideration of national peculiarities and family traditions of the customer.

The catalog will show you the other articles of original design made by our craftsmen.

Our creativity and professionalism will help to create a special atmosphere of luxury and prosperity in your home!

Best Regards,

Team of Jewelry Firm Orwin