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Exclusive silver gifts

Our firm specializes on production of exclusive gifts made of precious metal with high artistic value. The articles are fully handmade of silver 925. The history of each article begins with its sketch. The designer with the special care performs the work, draws carefully each detail of the future item applying the talent and knowledge of various art styles of applied art. When the sketch is finished the jeweler starts creating. This work is rather complicated.

The future item passes the full cycle of handmade production from the silver sheet to the finished form. The difficult types of works, such as edging, engraving, stamping, embossment, soldering, fastening, blackening, gilding, buffing, polishing are made by hand. The items are decorated by precious stones, semiprecious stones, ornamental stones and gilding.

Manufacturing of silver items by our craftsmen is based on a unique technology of handmade processing of precious metals. Making the custom silver items, we pay a special attention to the quality of implementation of the order and aesthetic image of the article itself. The items have the Russian state rate.

All items are produced in a single exemplar.

Some of our custom-made works are presented to your attention in the Catalogue.

Silver items suit perfectly for collecting. The number of silver items within the home collection, their quality and variety may tell one about the prosperity of their owner and his or her social status. These precious articles never exist separately, but serve as an addition to the interior, while keeping its independent art value.

There are some historical facts. Beginning approximately from the XIII century the silver becomes a traditional material for tableware production. In the XVIII century in Russia, it was the laid table, which was the main symbol of stability of its owners’ lifestyle. The production of custom-made silver items was available only to the rich aristocrats. It is known that in a family of count Orlov, one of the favorites of the Queen Catherine II, in use there was a set of dishware comprising 3275 silver items, which manufacturing required more than two tons of silver. The Russian noblemen of that time competed both in the invention of new dishes and in design intricacy of tableware decorations.

Luxurious cups, trays, sets served not only as the festive tableware items, but also as worthy gifts. Presenting the tableware sets to her favorites Catherine II knew well how to reward and leave a good memory about herself. The silver gifts were preserved carefully, inherited, thereby forming the collections of family silverware.

Silver gifts, decorated by the precious stones and pearls, were often used as precious gifts and one of the most honorable awards in Russia. So, for example, silver ladles were the honorable award for a long time (from XVI century — to XVIII century). First they were awarded by Tsar and then by the Emperor for the services rendered to the monarch and monarchy.

The precious articles of silver give a special decoration, mood of luxury and prosperity to one’s home, the same like the jewelries give refinement and perfection to a costume.