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Ethrog container

Silver 925

Natural stones:
Amethyst — 1 pcs
Onyx — 1 pcs
Weight — 1200 g
Height (total) — 220 mm

Production time — 3 months

Ethrog (citrus fruit) — “pri etz adar” means “the most glorious fruit” mentioned in the Book of Wayiqra. It symbolizes the splendor of the fruits at the end of the season during the fruit harvest on the days of the feast of Succoth. The feast of Succoth or, also known as, Feast of Booths, is one of the most important Judaic celebrations when the difficulties of Jews’ life in wilderness described in Bible are commemorated. People build a booth — “Succah” in the street and live or at least have their meals in it to commemorate the wandering of Jews in the wilderness of Sinai (the Book of Shemot). Bitter and astringent flavor of ethrog corresponds symbolically to those harsh days.

Box (container) for ethrog is made especially for the use during religious ceremonies of Judaic Feast of Succoth. Ethrog which is brought to synagogue and back home, is put then to the box (vessel) used for storage and protection of tender fruit during 7 days of Succoth.

The box stands on the stylized leaves of this citrus fruit. Ornament with the grape encircling the oval form of the box symbolizes the fertility. There is a small box for the dried fruit of ethrog of the previous year on the top. Some of the Jewish families keep the ethrog in the box till the next year. Then the dried ethrog fruit is put into the small box.

This work is fully handmade (without any cast forms).