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Megillah Esther container

Silver 925

Gold plating — 24 carats
Natural stones:
Garnet — 12 pcs
Weight — 2700 g
Height — 600 mm

Production time — 5 months

Tubular case made of silver for the manuscript, scroll (book) — “Megillat Esther” — book of Esther. Gilded with 24 carats gold images of scenes from that book on the tube of the case show what scroll the case serves for. The case is decorated with the ornaments of the grape and pomegranate. The gilded with 24 carats gold crown tops the case for the scroll (book) — story of the future queen Esther.

The scrolls are written on the sheets of parchment paper sewn together. When the scroll is finished it is winded over the spin, fixed and put into the case.

The scrolls with the sacred Jewish texts are stored in the cases.