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Kiddush cup

Silver 925

Gold plating — 22 carats
Natural stones:
Garnet — 16 pcs
Weight — 1200 g
Height (total) — 220 mm

Production time — 4 months

There is a commandment in Torah: “Remember the day of Sabbath, to bless it”.

Saturday (Sabbath), according to Jewish religion, is a holy day of the week. Keeping the Sabbath (Saturday) is an expression of the belief in God, the Maker of the universe by a man. Sabbath is the seventh day of the week. It begins with the sundown on Friday and lasts till the sundown on Saturday.

Before the beginning of the evening and morning meals on Saturday, the master of the house holding a glass with the grape wine in his hand says grace (Kiddush that means “blessing”) in a signing voice. This grace says about the holiness of the Saturday. He blesses the beverage the meal begins with. In this way the containers with the wine and special Saturday bread — challah are blessed.

There is a tradition in Jewish homes to say grace (Kiddush) over the most beautiful silver wine glass intended for this purpose.

We represent the wine glass intended for the Saturday blessing ceremony, The wineglass is gilded with 24 carats gold inside. There is a legend in Hebrew on the glass — “blessing on the fruit of grape”. Stylized image of the grape wine on the stem of the glass symbolizes the life and fertility. The cup of the wine glass is decorated with the ornament showing the leaves and fruits of the fig tree, being the symbol of Torah and spiritual light filling a man.

The wineglass is reach in ornament by the bunches of grape — sign of fertility and prosperity. A special stand for the wineglass in the form of openwork small plate is decorated by the bunches of grape as well.

There is a pomegranate between the cup and stem of the wineglass — symbol of good deeds and integral whole (Jewish people).

The wineglass is fully handmade article (without any cast forms).