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Kupat Tzedakah

Silver 925

Natural stones:
Lazurite — 12 pcs
Weight — 800 g
Height — 170 mm

Production time — 2 months

“Kupat Tzedakah” means “box for tzedakah” (charity). The word “tzedakah” is derived from the Hebrew word “tzedek” — “justice”. Sharing with the people in need is an act of justice restoration, from the point of view of Judaism. Giving “tzedakah” one becomes an intermediary between God and poor man.

Kupat tzedakah is a hexagonal box with the attached engraved holy places of Jerusalem. It is decorated with the bunch of grapes on top and on bottom. Natural lazurites on Kupat tzedakah mean the sincerity and divine disposal since the old times.