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Silver 925

Natural stones:
Lazurite — 54 pcs
Weight — about 29 kg
Height — 1 m

Production time — 11 months

You may see a chased Menorah decorated with the floral ornament, fine engraving and natural stones. Several elements of Menorah are gilded with 24 carats gold.

The word Menorah means “lamp”. It’s a golden seven branch lamp (candelabrum for seven candles), which was in the tabernacle during the Jews’ wandering in the desert, and then — in Jerusalem Temple. The commandment to Moses to make Menorah (as all of the holy pieces in tabernacle), and the description of the same were given by the God on the mount of Sinai. The word “tabernacle” is a common meaning for the travelling church of the sons of Izrael.

Since the times of demolition of the Temple, Menorah lost its practical use in a day-to-day life of Jews. As for the other articles of church ware, Talmud prohibits to make an exact copy of temple Menorah. That is why the most of the lamps made later on miss the complicated elements of decoration, and for the same reason, there are the images of Menorah with four, six or nine branches, as in our case.

Menorah is one of the eldest symbols of Judaism and religious attributes. Menorah is depicted on the state emblem of Israel as well.