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Havdalah set

Silver 925

Weight — 4100 g
Height — 31 cm

Production time — 6 months

Havdalah (means “separation” in Hebrew) — farewell ceremony of Saturday or Celebration. Special custom made in these days after the evening prayer as a sign of separation of spiritual from everyday life.

As the Saturday is separated as a saint day, people celebrate not only its coming, but its end, passage from the Saturday to ordinary days, as well. Strictly speaking, this procedure is a saying of special text declaring the moment of passage to ordinary day. Before that, all restriction of the Saturday remain valid.

Havdalah set comprises the wine bottle, glass for wine, tzedakah (money box), candle holder (Havdalah candle is twisted from 8 thin candles) and pot for spices.

All of the set items are decorated with floral ornaments and made in compliance with Judaic tradition.