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Silver 925

Weight — 2200 g
Height — 370 mm

Production time — 4 months

Hanukiyah is a candelabrum for the Feast of Hanukkah. This model is made in the Art Deco style on the high level of jewelry method.

Hanukkah is one of the most esteemed celebrations of the Jews. People traditionally light eight flames on this day and use special Hanukiyah lights (lamps, candelabrums) for this purpose.

Lighting of Hanukiyah is the central custom of the celebration as it symbolizes the spiritual strength and victory of the holiness over the impurity, light over the darkness around. Eight lights, where the oil was poured some time ago, and now, as a rule used as the holders for the candles symbolize the miracle, which took place in times of rebellion and victory of Maccabees over the Greeks. The legend says that the only jug with the consecrated oil found in the desecrated Temple was enough for eight days of lit Menorah. The ninth light called shamash (שמש), is a helper used to light the rest of the candles.

Here are some of laws kept by the Jews during these days. They light the lamps every evening in their homes. On the first day — one candle (and one more additional candle, which is lit during all days); and by one more candle on every next day. The lamp (Hanukiyah) is placed near the entrance to the house but it also can be placed on the sill of the window giving to the street. Hanukiyah is lit just after the sundown. It is usually done by the master of the house. Hanukiyah is lit on the eve of Saturday before the Saturday candles, by the end of Saturday — after the appearance of the stars. Nobody keeps a fast or mourning on these days. The work is not prohibited but it is considered that one should not work while Hanukiyah is lit. People traditionally hold the festive meals.