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Silver goblet II

Silver 925

Natural stones:
Turquoise — 24 pcs
Amethyst — 78 pcs
Garnet — 30 pcs
Pearl — 21 pcs
Weight — 1480 g
Height — 320 mm

Production time — 6 months

The goblet is beautiful work of silver 925 (sheet silver). It is decorated with garnets, pearls, amethysts and turquoise. This glass is made fully by hands (without any cast forms). Perfect skills, professional knowledge of technical methods of hand making and talent are translated in fine and luxurious wineglass.

Silver goblet will decorate perfectly well any home interior, and will please you by its splendor. Purchasing the handmade wineglass, exclusive work of the master, you can both admire it and use during the important celebrations in your life.