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Precious tableware and interior design items

The precious tableware and interior design items take pride of place in the history of jewelry art. They are inseparable from the material culture of modern times and closely connected with the domestic practice corresponding to such culture, form an integral part of the environment of objects, interacted by a man. Solving a combination of practical and artistic tasks, the precious items, belong, at the same time, to the fields of creation both material and spiritual values, play the role of special signs, showing the social status of their owner.

During the centuries, the jewelers used the splendor and brilliance of precious metals and stones to create the fine and perfect symbols of prosperity. For historical reasons, the precious tableware, interior design items, being a considerable value, always served to certain purposes, religious ceremonies, court ceremonies, decoration of houses of noble people. Today, as many centuries ago, these items serve as visual accents and create the unique interiors by aesthetical enrichment of the décor in the man’s environment.

Exclusive precious tableware is especially unique by their rare value. The main materials of such tableware are the gold and the silver. They have the outstanding qualities: high ductility, malleability, softness and plasticity. In addition, the silver tableware has an antimicrobial effect. Some historical facts – during the times of Alexander the Great, the soldiers of his army often suffered the gastrointestinal diseases, while the commanders did not. This quiz was solved many years after that. The soldiers of Alexander the Great have tin cups for drinking, and the commanders – silver ones. As early as at the lessons of chemistry in the school, we were told that even a small amount of solved silver can kill the harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water. That is why the water stored in the silver vessel, does not spoil for a long time.

The noble metals may be used not only for creation of tableware, but for the interior design items as well. Such silver and golden items with precious stones indicate the social position and prosperity of their owner. They serve not only to decorate a home, showing the social status of the owner, but also protect safe your money against the economic crisis.

Purchasing the items of well-being and luxury, many owners create intentionally the personal collections of similar precious item, having some value. These collections are systematized into the gathering of rare items. Such precious items have a high monetary value, and remain the masterpieces made with the high artistic skills, unique art objects at the same time.