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Handmade manufacturing of precious articles

The jewelry is one of the eldest art, the high, especially esteemed craft, steeped in legends.

Various methods and technics of art processing of metals have a long background. Many of them are still based on the methods of handmade processing; therefore they are very labor intensive. In this connection, the handmade manufacturing is still fundamental for the creation of unique exclusive articles.

The noble beauty of precious metals and stones, talent and professional skills of craftsman give the jewelries special expressiveness and high art value. Therefore handicraft is highly appraised in the world of jewelries.

Each item made by hands is unique, exclusive, even if it is made two or more times under the same sketch. Such items have their own peculiarities, their forms, which makes the manual works highly valuable. This process requires a special skill in implementation.

Creation of true masterpieces

One may say arguably that the handmade jewelries are the real masterpieces. The manufacturing of jewelries is a difficult process, requiring special skills and considerable expertise. The work of jeweler is considered to be one of the most accurate, requiring constant concentration and attention. The precious metals and stones may be spoiled easily, so, a lot of force, time, imagination, skill and mastery are required to turn the piece of precious metal into the precious article.

First of all a sketch of the future item is drawn. The sketch shall show the main forms, lines and proportions of the future creation. The material for the future item is selected during the preparation of the sketch, when it is important to select such material well. A true craftsman shall know various technics of metal processing master both artistic and craft methods, possess creative capacities to create unique precious items.

The fixing of stones plays a special role in manufacturing of jewelries. The fixing requires a high level of professional skills, as the stones shall be fixed tight and not to drop out. The technics of decoration of the jewelries, i.e. the types of their artistic processing, such as stamping, engraving, filigree, decorative coating etc. are used for beautiful and rich finish of the item. These labor intensive and, as a rule, handmade processes, render the new fine external forms to the item.

The combination of precious stones and noble metals turns into a unique composition in experienced hands of the craftsman.

As you may see, the process of handmade manufacturing of jewelries is far from being easy. It requires a high level of skills and knowledge, patience and concentration, imagination and good artistic taste. Only true professionals can create such masterpieces.