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Family and cult relics

Relic (derived from Latin verb — relinquere — "remain") is a holy stored, worshipped thing, concerned with the historical or religious events of the past.

Over the course of the history, the items of noble metals with the precious stones are transferred from one generation to another, as they are the articles of considerable value and meaning. Today, a lot of families collect the family silver and jewelries. Some do so to leave a remembrance about themselves for their descendants, the other — to increase the family capital. The value of such precious items of precious metals and stones only grows over the centuries.

The aiming at the beauty, living in the souls of people since the old time, finds its brilliant expression in satisfying oneself by collecting the art objects. Practical purpose of a precious item decorates the domestic life of the owner together with the beauty of its appearance, telling about the lifestyle and taste of the owner.

The home decorations bear the aesthetical and decorative functions. Therefore the funds can be invested profitably into the exclusive items for home, while creating the unique interior, by attaching it with the luxury and prosperous style.

Precious religious relics

Christian relics — icons — are the church service articles. Desire to decorate the icon with the precious metal cover is concerned solely with the old tradition of worshipping the sacred relics. The most luxury and scope in decoration of Christian relics is notorious for the Russian orthodox church items. The brilliant cover of the icon symbolizes produced celestial light, purity and the God’s grace. Such items are extremely appreciated by the religious people. Icons decorated by precious stones and noble metals create the mood of calmness and protection in home.

For decorative and applied arts, the term "Judaic" means the articles of Judaic religious ceremonies and domestic items. These articles mainly differ by their Judaism symbols. They are used for religious ceremonies. The Judaic items made of precious metals and stones, such as wineglasses, used for the Sacred Saturday and festive blessings; boxes for mezuzah, small parchment rolls, hang on the door posts of each Jewish house; festive money boxes for charity, and many others, make the sacred ceremonies luxurious and aesthetically beautiful.