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Precious articles care

Precious items are highly valuable not only due to the materials they are made of. More often, such items are valuable and memorable gifts, therefore it is very important to keep them for years.

All jewelries and precious items need cleaning. Many special agents for cleaning jewelries together with the instructions for use have appeared in the market recently. It’s better to buy such agents for each material separately, instead of all-purpose agents. There are some simple methods in addition to special agents, helping to keep thee jewelries clean.

For the jewelries carried in contact with the skin, the dirty items with the stones should be soaked in warm soapy water for 20-30 minutes, and then cleaned by the soft toothbrush under the running water (under the tap).

It is not recommended to use sharp objects while cleaning, as they may leave scratches on the item, damage it. It is possible to order the jeweler’s services when the cleaning of jewelries at home is impossible.

Many precious stones require a special care. You may find some recommendations below.

In order to clean the amber and opal, wash it with aqueous solution of soft soap and clean dry with the soft tissue. Avoid overheating of amber and opal, never wash them in hot water.

When cleaning the items with turquoise, avoid its contact with soap, petroleum butter and other materials, which could bleach it.

Calcium makes part of corals, that is why it is necessary to avoid contact with acid, for example vinegar, which could be spilled by accident during cooking.

When cleaning pearls, soda, ether, sulfates and ultrasonic should not be used. If the pearls of organic origin turn dim, they can be grazed with the potato starch to make them shine as before.

The gold and the silver also need careful storage and cleanness. It is possible to make the gold shine again by using several drops of aqueous ammonia, added to soap solution. The silverware can be cleaned by the tooth powder in the mix with aqueous ammonia, using the soft brush.

The precious items shall be kept separately. There are special cases and bags for that. In case of chains, joint storing of several chains may cause embroilment. Such snarl may be untangled, of course, but the elements of the chain may be damaged.

The jewelries should be protected against negative impact of environment. Ultraviolet may damage the noble metals and precious stones. Despite the brilliant play of the stones in the sun, it is not recommended to keep them exposed to the light for long, as they may become dim. Humidity also causes a negative effect. The precious items do not endure a sharp change in temperature.